Wave Rock – Australia

Wave Rock from mb! by Mercedes-Benz on Vimeo.

A film by InfinityList (www.InfinityList.com) and mb! by Mercedes-Benz Magazine. 23-year old BMX rider Danny Campbell tested his skills where no one had dared before: on the aptly named Wave Rock – a giant natural half-pipe in the vast Australian Outback.

To read more about Danny check out the interview and photos here: http://mb.mercedes-benz.com/en/waverock
Follow mb! by Mercedes-Benz: https://www.facebook.com/mb.by.mercedesbenz

http://www.InfinityList.com leaders in cinematic online sports content collaborated with mb! by Mercedes-Benz Magazine http://www.mercedes-benz.com/mb and Australian BMX rider Danny Campbell to conquer “Wave Rock” a 14 m (47 ft) high and 110 m (350 ft) long granite rock face shaped like an over-vert quarter pipe located in the Western Australia Outback.

Shot over 3 days of blistering heat hundreds of miles from the nearest major city of Perth. The video takes place in the rock jungle gym that is the Hyden Wildlife Park for what is the world’s first attempt to drop in on this rock of historical significance.

Danny Campbell negotiated the difficult and dangerous terrain with relative ease after spending a half-day scouting. The rock which appears deceivingly smooth to the naked eye is wicked rough with large elevated patches of uneven surfaces and took all his tactical finesse to negotiate.

In partnership with mb! by Mercedes-Benz Magazine, Mercedes-Benz Australia provided the use of a G350 BlueTEC Edition to facilitate the camera crew and talent negotiating the difficult outback terrain in the process of shooting this piece.

Jesse Davison- Creative Director / Producer
Jaque Fisher-DP / Red Operator http://www.jaquefishercinematography.com/
Chas Mackinnon – 2nd Camera
Aidan Kelly of Ark RC Aerial Drones
Christopher Lansell of http://www.redcamerahire.com.au/
Tom Blachford of http://www.tomblachford.com Photography
Hadassa Haack of mb! by Mercedes-Benz

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Watch more videos on InfinityList: http://www.InfinityList.com
Follow Danny Campbell: https://www.facebook.com/DannyCampbellBMX?fref=ts

Special Thanks Sheenagh Collins of the Hyden Tourism Development Company http://www.Waverock.com.au


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